Our History

motorolaIn 1984, one of our owners, Bill Morgan started a career in the wireless communications industry by accepting a entry level sales position in Houston, Texas with the industry giant, Motorola.  In 1987, Bill transferred to San Antonio and accepted an entry level position in Sales Management with Motorola.  It was at Motorola in 1987 that Bill met a man named Bill Sledge who was looking to provide short term communications for the production of a commercial being filmed in the San Antonio area.  Rad-Com became the first advertised rental radio company in San Antonio with radios that were crystal controlled (a physical part that needed to be replaced in order to change or add a channel).  Bill Morgan founded All Points Communications and went on to be a dealer/distributor for Motorola for twenty years in San Antonio, Austin, Temple and Waco before selling the company in 2010.  One of Bill’s most used statements is “We have over 30 years experience and only the last six months really count.  Create change or become a victim of it!”